Wild life game

Wild life game

The adult action RPG wildlife game was developed and published by Adeptus Steve. It was released on 17th August 2019.


Maya – solid, lovely, and ready to call upon her wings, her ancestral legacy – in this grasping Adult Action-RPG. Meander the world from ripe timberlands to dry and sun-doused deserts, spread your wings and slice through the skies of a world torn by covetousness and vanity. Track down your own particular manner to guarantee your endurance and embrace the conceivable outcomes of battling and sex. 

Maya’s story is only the start. As advancement proceeds there will be more characters of various groups for you to encounter. For instance, you could likewise play the job of Max, a youthful miscreant from the helpless locales of a modern world, actually searching for his place throughout everyday life, who joined the looters in a call for experience. Battling and making due for reason and importance on this wild unfamiliar planet.

Pros of Wildlife Game

  • The character models have a great deal of clean to them 
  • The world they have made has various regions 
  • I really discovered the battle to be quick and fun 
  • It has a lot of RPG mechanics 
  • You can make your own hot young lady/fellow. 

Cons of Wildlife Game

  • The game actually needs work in the interactivity office 
  • I trust they add more to it generally to make it a more full RPG experience
  • The characters in game are designed inappropriately which can provoke upcoming generation in a misleading way.
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Wildlife game requirements

  • PC compatible only
  • Operating systems: 
    • Windows 10
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is wildlife game free?

This is a game that is as of now being financed through Patreon and they do have a free edited form of the game that you can download and test.

How to save progress in a Wild Life game?

You can save your advancement in the game by connecting your record to either Facebook, Google Play or Game Center. 
To save your advancement, follow the means beneath: 
1. Open the game Options. 
2. Under Account, snap to sign in and login with the ideal record. Ensure you recollect the email and secret phrase. 
3. Done. Presently your advancement is protected and you can undoubtedly re-establish it by signing in with a similar record and tapping the catch Restore Progress on the game Options.