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Yaya Gosselin is an American child actress who was born on 26th January 2009 in Dallas, Texas. In some sources, her birthday is mentioned as the 6th of January, however, this is yet to be confirmed. Her original name is Felisita Leon She is just 12 and her zodiac sign is Aquarius. The parents of Yaya Gosselin are Tyler Gosselin (father) and Monica (mother) and she has two younger siblings ‘Pippa’ and ‘Nico’.

Moreover, the educational background of Yaya Gosselin is yet to be known. But you’ll know very soon surely. Interestingly, Yaya Gosselin has been in the google trend searches for a long time making up to the top searches. Her favorite hobbies are photography, reading, traveling, learning, and internet surfing.

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Yaya Gosselin – professional life

Last December, near the Christmas season, Yaya Gosselin broke the top charts for being the most popular character searched online. This was due to her tremendous acting skills showcased in the ongoing Netflix series We can be heroes as the character Missy Moreno, signed under the director Robert Rodriguez.

YaYa Gosselin takes part in the film as one of the members of The Heroics, a group of young superheroes who attempt to save their parents and/or the world with the help of the other young heroes. You better watch the trailer as well as the show. Check out the link below to watch the trailer.

YaYa Gosselin has also starred in Season 1 of FBI: Most Wanted and due to her extravagant attire, she has earned a return for its 2nd season as well.  The actress plays Tali LaCroix, the daughter of series lead Julian McMahon who plays Jess LaCroix. Her appearances in Season 1 numbered 13 overall and recently, the production for its Season 2 is underway in New York City.  

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Director Dick Wolf and executive producers David Hudgins, Arthur Forney, and Peter Jankowski will produce it. In association with CBS Television Studios, Wolf Entertainment and Universal Television will regenerate this series again. 

13 Reasons why, a phenomenal Netflix series discovering the anatomy of psychology, was also one of the biggest hits of Yaya Gosselin where she played her role as Gracien Padilla. Other than that, The Purge, Lord Finn, and Dr. Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets are also some of her notable works as a child actress.

Thoughts of Yaya Gosselin about her experience as an actress

According to Yaya Gosselin, she hasn’t made it to Hollywood yet even if she is praised for her accomplishments achieved so far. She was 10 years old when she auditioned for We can be heroes and her unique and wise determination had led her to have accepted her role in Robert Rodriguez’s movie.

With an amazing work environment, Yaya Gosselin couldn’t have gotten in easier when she noticed how the production which took place in Austin, was only 3 hours drive away from her home. Based on this experience, she then pointed out metaphorically that the more distance she would cover across the globe, the better her chances would be to star in Hollywood.  Yaya Gosselin surely likes to challenge herself more than her usual self.

Her ambition is to work with other established directors, big-name actors, and perhaps even become an established actor myself in the future. Yaya Gosselin has this goal in mind. Working hard and striving for success are the only things that matter to her. As great as she is, Yaya Gosselin is trying to keep improving every day. Yaya Gosselin said she wanted to continue working until she died. Do take a look at her interview for further information. Click Here

Interesting facts about Yaya Gosselin

  • Yaya Gosselin decided to start acting at the age of 2

Her dream of becoming an actress began when she was only 2 years old. Her eyes were fixed on the television as she walked through the house. She was enthralled by a performance of “West Side Story.” When Yaya Gosselin saw her family looking at her, she told them she could make it work. 

  • Yaya Gosselin began her acting career at 3 years of age
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Her parents decided to put her on some shows not long after she announced in the living room that she would make an amazing actress. The Dallas Children’s Theater decided to let her work there. Her sign-up with an agency came after two years, and only a month later, she was booking actual work.

  • Modelling was her first job

In her first production as a child, Yaya Gosselin was not a star, but she did make it into modeling. Her commercial roles with brands include JCPenney, Famous Footwear and Abercrombie & Fitch Footwear, Hasbro, and even Conn’s HomePlus. Acting was less significant to her than simply working, but she was working steadily and with enthusiasm.

  • Filial

Although she’s young, sometimes she finds herself separated from her parents for longer periods than she would enjoy. Whenever Yaya Gosselin is away from her parents, she posts a photo of herself saying how much she misses them. The work she loves causes her to be away from them sometimes, and she misses them terribly when she is.

  • Yaya Gosselin is more of a Daddy’s girl

Her daddy’s girl status is made even more special by the fact that she herself says it. Her father is her primary influence, and she won’t hesitate to tell everyone he’s her favorite. It is not her favorite thing to leave him behind or to be away from him, but what she does is her favorite thing. While at work, Yaya Gosselin wishes she had more time to spend with him.

  • The eldest sister

Yaya Gosselin is the oldest sister Pippa is only a year younger than her, and her baby sister Nico, is only 3 years younger. 

  • Kate Gosselin, her mom is a blogger

The mother and father are both bloggers, and both contribute to some of those activities. In 2013, her mother began blogging but it looks like she hasn’t touched it much. Starting out, she introduced her family and shared some recipes. The Gosselin five was the name of her blog. Her busy schedule might have made that difficult, but she might have wanted to focus more time on the blog to share family and personal stories with her friends.

  • Gosselin’s talent was in spotlight since she was very young
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Even as a child, she had the talent and musical ability to make things look really impressive. It was evident to her family even before she did that she was a talented little girl. They had a feeling she would be special from the moment she was two years old. Her vocabulary was extensive songs from Annie, and she always performed them for her family, making everybody happy in the process.

  • Yaya is not her original name

There’s something so adorable about this name. However, it isn’t her birth name. She is actually known by the name Felisita Leon on her birth certificate. Yaya was born on January 26, 2009, and she is known by the name Yaya. It seems she is also called whimsical, sensitive, and funny by her parents, as well as sweet and magical. She is their first princess, and they love her dearly. 

  • Monica is cool!

Her mother, Monica, played College Basketball, but the exact location isn’t confirmed yet. A number of dreams also occupy her mind. The ranch with rolling hills on which she dreams of one day owning is one of her biggest dreams. To her, living a happy and satisfying life is all about doing so quietly and enjoying every moment of it. She even competed for 2 years in TaeKwonDo which enabled the opportunity to spend time in Italy. Isn’t that a cool mom now? 

And that is all about Yaya Gosselin fellows. There is yet to be more collected about her and you’ll surely be updated for the latest information. Stay tuned until next time.

Yes, you read that right, both Yaya Gosselin and Priyanka Chopra not only acted in the movie together but also share a real-life bond with each other ever since they’ve known each other. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is Yaya Gosselin’s net worth?

It is around $0.5 million dollars as for now.

What is going on between Yaya Goseelin and Nathan Blair?

It might be the case, however, there aren’t any sources that accurately discuss this topic.

How tall is Yaya Gosselin?

She is 4 ft. and 17 inches tall.